We at JUMEDIS Pharmaconsulting are entirely targeted to Business Development of our corporate customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Internationally orientated to the core, we create for our clients values, growth and profitability through new markets, new products or new corporate alliances.

JUMEDIS was founded in 2007 by Dietmar Hofstätter after he had spent more than two decades in leading positions at multinational pharmaceutical companies. The firm is based in Steinbach in Austria's Salzkammergut lake district, located right on the shore of Lake Attersee.

Being embedded in a network of well-versed consultants with many years of line experience and extensive industry knowledge, expertise and goal orientation are nonetheless just one part - albeit an important part - of the JUMEDIS success concept: the rest simply is our enjoyment in shaping deals, in personal contact with customers and partners from around the world, and generally in cross-culture cooperation. It is our passion and downright "the icing on the cake"

To contribute not only to our clients’ sustainable economic success but, likewise, to the preservation of health, to the cure of diseases and to the availability of state-of-the-art medicine, has become both our motivation and our professional claim.

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